Run Like A Child

Being a Mom, as with any job, you often find yourself being both a teacher and a student. Sure there are things that you have to teach your kids, such as, counting, learning the alphabet, how to go pee IN the toilet (not just NEAR it)… I find that most days, I’m learning more from my boys about how to be a better mom, a happier person, and even a “funner” runner!


So here goes, 3 things I learned about running from my crazy boys:

1. Run, Because We Are Born To

We finally had a day of sun and above freezing temperatures yesterday. We decided to get out of the house and hit up a nearby playground. As soon as my boys saw a stretch of cleared path, they both took off running.

“Boys! Why are you running?!” As soon as the words came out of my mouth, the ridiculousness of my question hit me. They are 4-year and 20-months old. What did I expect?

When I finally caught up to them (those little legs move fast!) I thought I’d ask my 4-year old again, just curious what he would say.

Me: Why do you run?
C: (Giving me a look that confirmed my initial gut reaction and saying in the most dramatic way possible that only a 4-year-old can) Mommy, what are you talking about?!
Me: Why do you like running?
C: I dunno! (Running off to tackle his little brother into a snow bank)

I have written multiple blog posts explaining the different reasons I love running. In fact, the existence of my blog is built around these reasons.! But what I learned from my son is that we don’t need reasons to run. It’s instinctual and it feels awesome. Do I really need another reason?

2. Fartlek, Because It’s Fun

My boys love to play “red light, green light.” I don’t know if it’s an universal game/thing? But my older son will scream “green light” and both boys take off like bats out of hell, yelling (there’s has to be yelling for some reason). Then at a point determined only by the fancy of my 4 yr old, he will scream “red light!” Then both immediate stop in their tracks. They rest a bit. Then it’s “green light!” And off they go again, yelling, laughing.

Speed work is fun! All the times I have dreaded my speed workouts – what was I thinking?!

3. Always, Always Stop to Smell the Roses Because… Why Not?

No matter how crazy they are running. No matter if it’s “red light” or “green light.” If there’s something interesting, such as a big puddle of mud full of worms, my boys will always stop to check it out. Jump in it. Touch it. Figure it out.

I get so focused on my runs..keeping a certain pace, getting it done, that I forget sometimes just how great and fortunate I am to be out in this beautiful world and being a part of it. I forget to see – really see – my surroundings. To smell the smells. I’m not giving up an opportunities to do so on my future runs!

Love the run you’re with 🙂


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