Marathon Countdown: 6 Weeks and Freaking Out!

Three months ago when I signed up for the Rock N Roll USA Marathon, I thought it was a great idea.  I wanted to complete a half marathon within 6 months of having the baby and a full marathon before he turned 1.  Now that I am 6 weeks away from the marathon… WHAT WAS I THINKING.  Ok, yes, I am freaking out.

Physically, I am prepared.  I have been training consistently.  I even signed up for marathon training program with a local (and awesome) running store, Potomac River Running (  I have made all of my long runs and some in the freezing cold.  My long run yesterday went great.  It was a recovery week yet I still managed to sneak in 2 miles towards the end of the 12-miler at marathon race pace.

Mentally, however, not so much.  I have read many blogs and articles that discuss the mental aspects of running and racing.  But I always thought, “those are for real runners, not me,” or “I’m not going to qualify for Boston, or break any records.  No pressure to finish!”  It is exactly this self-defeating thought process that has made me mentally weak for the upcoming race.

The Mental Un-Preparation.  I didn’t tell many family members or friends that I signed up for a marathon.  In fact, my husband only found out when he saw the charge on the credit card bill.  I purposely signed up for a marathon that included a half marathon option so that, you know, in the event that something came up…  I can switch (read: wimp out).  As for my goal time? Well, no big deal, I just want to finish before the courtesy bus picks me up.  I have been talking myself out of running this marathon before I even signed up for it.

Reset and Reboot.  I just posted on Facebook that I will be running the RNR USA Marathon in March.  In fact, 2 friends signed up to do the half marathon so they can run the first 13.1 miles with me and make sure I go on to run the second 13.1.   As for records, I am hoping to break a record – my personal record.

I ran/walked the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon in 06:12:45.  I want to obliterate that time.  My goal time for this marathon is 05:12:00.  And if I can finish under that time, I will do a happy dance at the finish line and then probably collapse.  This is it.  No more self-defeating thoughts.

Hey Everyone, perfect strangers, I’m going to run a marathon on March 15, 2014!